5th Metatarsal Fractures

5th metatarsal fractures are a common injury often associated with ankle sprains.
The fracture can involve the base, 5th tarsometatarsal joint or the shaft of the metatarsal.

5th Metatarsal Fractures

What are the symptoms?

  • Pain, swelling and bruising on the outside border of the foot.
  • Pain when weight bearing.

Zone 1 Injuries

  • These are the most common.
  • They can extend into the joint.
  • They commonly occur after rolling over on the ankle.
  • The cause for the injury is avulsion of the metatarsal base due to the attachment of the plantar fascia.

Distal metatarsal shaft fractures

  • This is also called a dancers fracture
  • Often a spiral fracture

What is the non operative treatment?

  • Cam boot or stiff soled shoe
  • Full weight bearing as pain allows.
  • Discard boot or shoe when comfortable to weight bear in normal shoes.
  • Cam Boot should not exceed 6 weeks.
  • Gradual return to normal activities once as pain allows.
  • Physiotherapy can help with a strength and balance program once the pain has settled.

When to consider surgery?

  • Significant displacement at the joint in Zone 1 injuries.
  • Significant angulation or translation in shaft fractures.
  • Painful non union after 3 months.

When is the fracture healed?

The fracture is clinically healed when the swelling and pain has resolved.
This usually takes around 6 weeks.
X-rays taken at this time will not show complete bony union.
Xrays may take at least 3 months to see complete bony healing of the fracture.
It may take at least 3 months to see complete bony healing on the fracture on xrays.

This is an overview of 5th metatarsal fractures and is not all inclusive.

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